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Empowering advertisers to keep pace with their customers in a complex, social environment.

1226 Digital is a full service, digital marketing services firm. We acquire customers. We generate revenue. We maximize LTV. And we’re pretty darn good at it too.

Our team of seasoned digital marketers has mastered the art and science of marketing in a mobile-first, social world.

Well crafted stories, compelling content and your business goals tie together to activate your customers across every step of the funnel, with an approach that’s tailored to every channel.

If you are a retail, e-commerce, or consumer products company, let’s talk.

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How We Do It

We think people are awesome. We obsess over who they are, how they think, where they spend their time, and how to delight them with relevant and interesting content.

And we love to talk to people about awesome products. Your product.

A customer-centric approach, with an eye on the bottom line, is the core of everything we do.

We create game-changing digital marketing programs tailored to any digital channel. Your business, our marketing know-how, and the right customers–that’s an exciting combination.

Marketing Strategy

Have a great product. Know your customers. Sounds so easy right? Actually, if you ask us, it is. We’ll help you craft a message that articulates your product value in a way that works for each channel and each customer.

Media Operations

Managing digital ad campaigns shouldn’t be painful. That’s where we come in. From Facebook to Snapchat to Google, our experts take the friction out of digital media operations. We’ll do the daily management. You focus on results.

Performance Analysis

It’s a virtuous circle– the right insights lead to the right marketing decisions. Our team’s background is steeped in quantitative analysis of digital campaigns. We’ll help you make sense of your data and apply the right lens to understand what’s really going on.

Find out what we can do for your current marketing challenges.

Strategy, consulting, media operations, resourcing, and much more.

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