3 Facebook Trends Retailers Need to Know Heading into Holiday 2015

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3 Facebook Trends Retailers Need to Know Heading into Holiday 2015 | 1226 Digital

If you think Facebook marketing best practices change every 6 months you’re right. Trying to keep up with the constantly changing dynamics of the Facebook News Feed, Facebook ad products, and Facebook ad pricing can be a full time job.

In this post we’ll take a look at 3 major trends in the Facebook advertising space that retailers and e-commerce companies should be aware of and why it’s important.

1. Video is King.

If you wanted organic reach on Facebook the last couple years, you were told to post photos. People loved pretty pictures and funny memes. People clicked on photos, shared photos, and people tagged their friends. That was last year.

Now, if you want reach on Facebook, native video is your friend. Facebook is in a race to dominate streaming video and that means marketers and advertisers like yourself can benefit.

People are consistently finding that if you upload a video to Facebook and YouTube, you’ll rack up substantially higher video views and engagement on Facebook.

Why is that?

First, Facebook is prioritizing videos uploaded directly to Facebook because they want to dominate the video space and keep users engaged on their app via mobile. If you link to a video from YouTube or Vine, not much will happen, but if you upload that same video natively to Facebook there’s a much higher likelihood the video is going to take off.

Second, Facebook counts a video view differently. 3 seconds counts as a view on Facebook. YouTube, intentionally vague on what counts as a view, is believed to be as high as 30 seconds depending on various factors. So yes, you might rack up a high number of low intent views on Facebook, but the greater reach will offset this. If a user on Facebook sees a video with 50K views, that added social proof will encourage them to give your video a chance and see what you have to say.

We saw an online retailer post a video of a contest they ran directly to YouTube and Facebook. The video on YouTube had less than 100 views and 0 comments. The same video posted on Facebook got over 20,000 views and a slew of new product orders.

Take the power of organic video, tack on Facebook’s video ad products and a direct response component that encourages purchases and lead generation, and video is a must on Facebook.

2. Paid Facebook and Paid Search Work Together

It’s common knowledge that Facebook is a must for any retail, e-commerce or B2C advertiser. But do you know just how powerful Facebook ads are and the impact they have on your overall digital marketing efforts?

Facebook ads improve paid search campaign performance with an average 30% lift in return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) for paid search campaigns.

Kenshoo, an enterprise search and social platform, has conducted a study for each of the last 3 years and has consistently found that the combination of Facebook Ads and Search ads is far more powerful and impactful on bottom line results than running just paid search.

Facebook Ads Boost Paid Search | 1226 Digital

Add Facebook retargeting to existing display and Google retargeting efforts and see an average 73% increase in conversions.

AdRoll ran a study to see what impact Facebook Website Custom Audience (WCA) retargeting had on overall web retargeting conversions. Did retargeting on Facebook hurt overall retargeting efforts or cannibalize conversions from web retargeting?

The big news was that by adding Facebook WCA retargeting on top of existing web retargeting efforts, brands saw an average 73% increase in conversions.

Yep. Let that sink in. An average 73% increase in conversions. If retargeting on Facebook isn’t part of your current marketing plan you’re not alone, with only 48% of marketers are taking advantage of this opportunity. However, it’s time to take notice of Facebook retargeting and integrate into your media mix.

The key takeaway is that Facebook shouldn’t be considered a standalone acquisition channel. The most successful advertisers are integrating multiple channels and tools together as they communicate their message and move consumers down along the conversion path. Tying paid search, retargeting, SEO and social media advertising together is more important than ever.

3. Teens are Still on Facebook

The common narrative you’ll hear in business and marketing circles is that teens are leaving Facebook in droves. They’re dominating other social platforms, so as a marketer it’s wise to find a new channel to invest in if you want to reach the teen audience.

The reality is teens are still on Facebook and it’s still the dominant platform. According to a Pew Internet survey on teen social media and technology usage, Facebook remains the most used social media site with 71% of teens 13-17 using the site.

Teenager Social Media Usage 2015 | 1226 Digital

Instagram and Snapchat are certainly platforms to consider, however Facebook also comes in first, at 41%, as the platform used most often by teens.

If you’re looking to reach teens and you’re wondering if it’s worth including Facebook in your marketing strategy, the answer is yes it’s worth it. Time and resources may dictate where you place your bets and how much effort you put in. Just know teens are on Facebook and the size and reach of this audience remains unmatched.