Challenge Accepted. Elizabeth Arden, Let’s Talk.

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Last week Deena Singleton, Global Marketing Director at Elizabeth Arden, told attendees at Digiday’s Content Marketing Summit that Elizabeth Arden nixed marketing efforts on Pinterest earlier this year because Pinterest wasn’t working for them.

Elizabeth Arden has been a staple in the cosmetic world for over a century. Their marketing is gorgeous and engaging, and yet they found Pinterest delivered the lowest engagement of all the channels they were active on.

This conflicts with our experience. We have consistently found Pinterest has high engagement rates with the right approach.

Being the constantly curious marketer I am, I dug into Elizabeth Arden’s social pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc to see what was going on and to see if I could learn something new.

Beauty & Cosmetics Marketing Works on Pinterest

First, a bit of background on the Pinterest audience.

The Beauty category is one of the stronger categories on Pinterest and it’s leaps and bounds ahead of other platforms.

A ShareThis study found that Pinterest is the dominant platform for Beauty & Fitness engagement with 190% more sharing activity occurring on Pinterest than other platforms. (Side note: they didn’t include Instagram in their analysis.)

Next, Face & Body Care is Pinterest’s top converting category with users 33% more likely than other social users to make a purchase in this category. The purchase rate for Face & Body Care coming in at 16.8% for Pinterest.

This makes a lot of sense. With the visual discovery nature of Pinterest, it makes it a great place to go for makeup tips, how-to’s, product ideas, and much more. Outside of YouTube’s how-to video dominance for beauty discoveries, Pinterest is the next sure fire place to go for advertisers in this segment.

What Is Elizabeth Arden Doing on Pinterest?

Elizabeth Arden has done a great job curating gorgeous Boards with eye-catching Pins. The area we see advertisers missing is creating owned media that is optimized for the Pinterest consumer experience.

If the Pins driving to your site aren’t formatted for the Pinterest experience, you won’t stand out, you won’t capture attention, and you’ll lose the opportunity for engagement and website traffic.

We looked at Elizabeth Arden’s updates across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest and found a consistent lack of customization for Pinterest.

Here’s an example. One of the many fun things Elizabeth Arden does is post a Tuesday Tip. They offer make up tips, and how-to’s for their array of products. It’s a great way to showcase their products, and it helps people understand how to use the product pictured.

Going back to the last month Elizabeth Arden was active on Pinterest, we pulled a Tuesday Tip and looked at how they posted it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Elizabeth Arden: Facebook

Here’s a Tuesday Tip from April posted on Facebook. Text overlays on the photo. The font size of text overlay is large enough that it’s legible as a user scans their Facebook Feed. The description includes a bitly link added at the end. In summary, great post, ideally formatted for Facebook.

Elizabeth Arden Facebook update

Elizabeth Arden: Instagram

Next, here’s the same update on Instagram. Same visual sans text overlay, same description without a bitly link, and extra hashtags included in comment. Great post, optimized for Instagram.

Elizabeth Arden: Twitter

Here’s the update posted on Twitter. Same visual, however this time the image is cropped to fit in Twitter’s feed. The text overlay has been repositioned so the user doesn’t have to click on the image to read the Tip. Great job formatting for Twitter.

Elizabeth Arden: Pinterest

Finally, here’s the same post on Pinterest. This looks like the photo that was posted to Facebook. The challenge here is that it’s hard to stand out in the Pinterest feed with this photo composition.

There can be up to 10 Pins in someone’s view at any given time as they’re scrolling through Pinterest. So your goal as a Pinterest marketer is to make it easy for consumers to engage with your Pin.

To facilitate this, the user should be able to read the text overlay without having to click into the Pin. The “Tuesday Tip” – a great tool to build an audience around – should not be buried in the corner of the image. The image itself should be cropped so it’s taller in composition.

We found the same opportunities for improvement throughout Elizabeth Arden’s Pinterest profile. With an approach catered towards Pinterest, there’s plenty of room for growth and engagement.

Elizabeth Arden, Let’s Talk

Elizabeth Arden, your products are fantastic, your marketing is gorgeous, your audience is on Pinterest, and there are plenty of ways you can be successful on Pinterest. We’d love to help you get on track with your marketing efforts on Pinterest. Let’s talk.