Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook has become a commonplace part of our daily lives and it makes sense that advertisers are embracing this social platform as part of theirs. With a user base as large and as vast as Facebook’s, jumping in with two feet can seem a bit intimidating.

We’ve heard it all! Facebook doesn’t work for my brand. My customer’s aren’t on Facebook. Facebook doesn’t scale. Whatever stage you’re at with your Facebook program, we’re here to say Facebook does work.

We live and breathe Facebook so you don’t have to. Don’t worry about keeping up with the latest algorithm change or how you can leverage the newest ad unit. Tell us your goals and we’ll take the lead on the rest.

Facebook Strategy Development

  • Strategy definition and objective setting
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) selection and benchmarking
  • Creative and technical requirement development
  • Platform review and selection

Increase Your Sales and Revenue

  • Direct Response strategy and goal setting
  • Prospecting with Custom Audience and Lookalikes
  • Broad Interest segmentation analysis and audience targeting
  • Creative requirements development and technical implementation
  • 360° customer evaluation and funnel improvement

Develop Robust Engagement campaigns

  • Objective setting and creative briefing
  • Retargeting and remarketing strategy
  • Performance tracking and benchmarking
  • Engagement campaign operation and optimization

Stats to Know…

Accuracy of Narrowly Targeted Campaigns
Facebook Users Engaged on a Daily Basis
Average Match Rate for B2C Email Lists to Facebook Custom Audiences
Social Marketers using Facebook Advertising

How can we help you?

1226 Digital offers a full array of consulting and managed services designed to take your business forward. We are committed to a metrics-based, objective driven approach to deliver demonstrable, quantitative results to you, our Advertisers.

Expand your reach and increase your Facebook performance, while eliminating risks, pitfalls, and false starts along the way.

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