Mobile Advertising Services

There’s no denying that mobile is fully integrated into our daily routine. Your prospects and customers are jumping from one device to the next multiple times a day and smart marketers are there to continue the purchase conversation at your prospect’s convenience.

The reality of today’s mobile advertising space is that Social Media is Mobile. Social Media is also the new TV. Anyone from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies can use their ad dollars far more effectively with buys against Twitter of Facebook’s mobile audience. You’ll get highly accurate audience targeting capabilities for pennies on the dollar and generate a higher return.

Don’t let the nuances of device targeting and audience segmentation strategies scare you away. Forming effective campaigns in mobile is a critical component in building a scalable and sustainable customer acquisition channel and 1226 Digital is here to help.

Build Highly Targeted Mobile Campaigns

  • Device and operating system segmentation strategy
  • Mobile app install & engagement campaigns
  • Deep linking best practices
  • In-app and browser video campaigns
  • Technical specifications for Mobile enablement

Drive In-Store Traffic and Awareness of Local Events

  • Brick and mortar store support campaigns
  • Nuanced regional geographic targeting best practices
  • Hyper-local geographic audience targeting

Stats to Know…

U.S. Adults Who Own a Smartphone
U.S. Adults Age 25-34 Who Own a Smartphone
Mobile Only Facebook users

How can we help you?

1226 Digital offers a full array of consulting and managed services designed to take your business forward. We are committed to a metrics-based, objective driven approach to deliver demonstrable, quantitative results to you, our Advertisers.

Expand your reach and increase your Facebook performance, while eliminating risks, pitfalls, and false starts along the way.

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